Produce Trendsetting Fashion by Partnering with our Intense Fabric R&D Team

The Good Fashion is home to vibrant fabric to help you launch your fashion catalogue with confidence

Get assorted fashion ideas from The Good Fashion for your brand to know the nitty-gritties of woven and knit fabrics. We have a well-rounded team of expert analysts to identify your brand’s fabric needs. Our resilient approach to stay on top of market trends with our analysis is the secret of our 98% client success rate.

Our Process to Offering the Best Insights on your Fabric

We have a dedicated fabric R&D process for our clients to get the best material to suit your business goals. Below is a glimpse of our process:

Requirement Gathering:

When we receive your request, we put our resources to work on gathering your requirements to understand your exact need from us.

Analyse Requirements:

Upon gathering requirements, we assign our analysts to brainstorm about the development of a new fabric to suit your upcoming idea.


Our development team comes into the action once the requirement is clear. Based on the analysis and the task assigned to them, they develop and suggest the best fabric for your brand.

Quality Analysis:

When the development is done, our analysts tick off the parameters that meet our high quality standards and make suggestions to the product development team in case of corrections.


After we are satisfied with the quality of the said material, we send it to you for analysis. Upon your go-ahead, we can deploy the bundle with the quantity mentioned under the contract.

Why Opt for Fabric R&D Services from The Good Fashion?

Save time:

Rather than communicating with tens of suppliers for your distinguished fabric needs, you can simply contact us and share your requirements to get the process started.

Connect with Industry Experts:

We have an intrinsic process to hire experts that work in the fabric R&D team with us. Hence, with The Good Fashion, all you get is innovative capabilities and expertise in a single place.


We offer multiple services for you to opt for. You can partner with us to seek consultation or you can partner with us for the production.

We maintain huge fabric archives to guide you with the best of the material for your upcoming catalogue. Additionally, The Good Fashion is the hub to get time-tested products by meeting stringent testing standards for your fashion brand to succeed in a frictionless manner.